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Welcome to the CAFE

Looking for a part time worker Bee, Call Denise for information or a meet up to discuss the position, hours, pay, etc.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Croissants, Large or small
   All Butter or 9 Grain
    $2.00  or $3.50

Scones:  4 Flavors to Choose From
$2.00 each or 3 for $5.00
Today's Flavor Choices:
Bacon Maple Pecan
Ham and Cheddar
Strawberry with Cranberry Goat Cheese
OR Blackberry Brown Sugar

Muffin:  Mixed Berry Streusel   $3.50

Other:     Jumbo Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese Frosting    $4.00


Soup:   Creamy Zucchini with Mushroom
$6.00 Cup   $8.00 Bowl  $16.00 Quart

Salad:  Chopped Romaine and Spinach Topped with Cashew Chicken Salad, Green Onions, Peanuts and a Soy Sesame Peanut 
Vinaigrette Dressing   $12.00

Sandwich:   Hot Grilled Panini:  Havarti and Garlic Herb Goat Cheese with Tomatoes and Fresh Spinach on Choice of Bread.   **May Add Ham OR Turkey
With Chips and Pickles  $12.00
OR With Cup of Soup   $14.00

Lunch Special:  Cup of Soup, 1/2 Salad and 1/2 Sandwich   $15.00

Vegetarian and Gluten Free Opti
ons always available

 COOKIES:  Chocolate Chip,  Oatmeal Raisin,  Chewy Molasses  $2.00 each

Cupcake:   Red Velvet with a Cream Cheese Frosting $4.00

Other:  Apple Oat Cookie Bar  $3.00
Chocolate Brownie Trifle  $4.00

Candies and Chocolates:
Peanut Brittle   $4.00
Mixed Nut Brittle   $4.50
Meringues   $3.00
Triple Chocolate Fudge  $3.00

Who We Are

A family owned and operated cafe located within the Antique Society at 2661 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol, CA.

Denise Shuster is the Head Chef creating the menus along side Bianca Watt the Certified Pastry Chef. The Barrista and wait staff is comprised of Keziah and Shari Watt...

The menus change daily, check our website or call for updates.
We also offer take out and special orders, think of us when you have an event or meeting.

    We look forward to you stopping in for a visit!

Check Out Our Facebook Page For Updates!


Custom Desserts Can Be Special Ordered!

Call us at 707-694-3450

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